Nova Scotia Used Clothing Global Export Distributor

Our dedicated employee's process only the highest quality used clothing products for export. We hand sort every piece of used clothing that we process. Our product is considered #1 grade by our customers. This high standard is maintained by visually checking our used clothing product numerous times before being packaged.

Your product is packaged in one of two bale options; a 100lb bale (45 kilos) or a 1000lb (445 kilos) bale. The choice is yours to make when ordering.

How many bales can you load in a container?
We can load 57,600 lb/576 bales in a 40' high cube container and 25,000 lb/250 bales in a 20' container.  Regarding our 1000lb bales, we can load approximately 53000 lbs in a 40' high cube container.

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