Export Related Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many bales can you load in a container?
We can load 57,600 lb/576 bales in a 40' high cube container and 25,000 lb/250 bales in a 20' container.  Regarding our 1000lb bales we can load approximately 53000 lb in a 40' high cube container.

2. Can you arrange for freight? 
Yes, we can arrange for freight port to port and will quote you the rate we receive from the shipping company. As a large volume shipper we can often obtain lower rates to most foreign ports of destination.

3. How much will a container cost?
Containers costs vary depending on composition, size, and the quality of goods you order. Contact us with your order and we will be glad to send you a proforma invoice.

4. Can you send me a price list?
Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to quote you.

5. How long will it take to receive my container?
The length of time to prepare a container varies with the composition. Upon receipt of your order we can give you a time table. Most containers take anywhere between 1-3 weeks to prepare.

6. What are your bale sizes?
We can make 100lbs bales or large 800 lbs – 1000 lbs bales

7. Do you have a sample packing list for the 100 lbs bales?

Click here to download a Sample Packing List PDF

Wiper Related Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am looking for a lint free cloth wiper will white t-shirt suffice?
Cotton is not 100% lint free and many people are under the incorrect impression that is even though it imparts low lint properties to a wiper. Only dress shirt/bed sheet material would be as close to lint free cotton.

2. I have been told that shop towels are lint free is this true?
No! Shop towels are cotton and their only advantage over a rag is the stitched edges. Also most shop towels are offered through a laundry program and chances are that the previous user of that shop towel you are planning on cleaning a delicate piece of machinery or a printing press with was used by a machine shop previously and is contaminated.

3. I am a procurement officer at a major steel facility and I want the cheapest price on a rag. I have been quoted 10 cents less per lb by your competitor on a similar quantity. Why should I consider your quote?
All rags or wipers are not equal. There is an old adage in our industry “You get what you pay for.” While paying 10 cents less per lb on 10000 lb of rags for your plant may seem like an astute buy, you might want to consult the people on your plant floor who throw away ¾ of those rags because they are polyester mostly and will not absorb. A rag is a rag right? Wrong!

4. Which product works best for different needs?

Types of Wiper Rags

Balbriggan (Best Seller - most used rags) - Cotton T-shirt / thermal material. Ideal for auto shops, electrical, industrial suppliers and maintenance contractors. Balbriggan 100% cotton wiping rags will not scratch surfaces and are tough enough for use on metal. Great for furniture, marine, and auto body application. It is due to the polyester fibers within the rag that allows the weave to open up allowing for maximum absorbency. 

Sweat Shirt - Perfect for a variety of applications and environmentally friendly. Sturdy cotton fabric is known for absorbency and durability - wet or dry. Perfect for machine shops, refineries and most metal fabricators and general oil and grease clean up.

Terry Cloth - Terry on both sides, reclaimed material. Excellent for janitorial/custodial applications.

Flannel - Coloured cotton flannel wipers. This soft wiper is excellent for polishing automotive finishes and metals, mostly cotton.

White Balbriggan - White cotton t-shirt. Best grade of white. Ideal for polishing, staining and any application where softness and purity are essential.

White - Cotton blend, Good general purpose wiper. Relatively low cost makes this wiper cost effective when white material is needed. Virtually lint-free cotton. Excellent for polishing, staining and glass cleaning applications.

White Sweat Shirt - Perfect for a variety of applications and environmentally friendly. Sturdy white cotton fabric is known for absorbency and durability - wet or dry. Great for use in staining or chemical based applications.

Light Color - Cotton blend, Good general purpose wiper. Virtually lint-free cotton. Excellent for polishing, and glass cleaning, janitorial applications.