Nova Scotia Bulk Cleaning Rags/Wipers Export Distributor

Acadian Wipers employs a large cutting staff to handle any size order of cleaning rags/wipers you might require. With a steady supply of product entering our facility on a daily basis, we feel confident that we can supply any of our customer's needs in a timely manner.

All of the cleaning/wiper cloths go through numerous quality checks, including a metal detection station,  before packaging to ensure only top quality cleaning materials gets produced. Once produced, cleaning rags are packaged in either 25 lb boxes or compressed in 25 lb poly bags, or 1000 lb bales. You choose the method of packaging you require when ordering.


Some common questions often asked by companies purchasing cleaning rags are below:

What type of cleaning rag is considered lint free?
Cotton is not 100% lint free and many people are under the impression that it is even though it imparts low lint properties to a wiper.  Only dress shirt/bed sheet material would be as close to lint free.

Are shop towels lint free?
No.  Shop towels are cotton based and the only advantage over a recycled cleaning rag is the stiched edges.  Also most shop towels are offered through a laundry program service which run a high risk of being comtaminated by the previous user who may have used that same shop towel in an oil based or machine shop based environment. 

I am a procurement officer at a major steel facility and I want the cheapest price on a rag. I have been quoted 10 cents less per lb by your competitor on a similar quantity. Why should I consider your quote?
All rags or wipers are not equal. There is an old adage in our industry “You get what you pay for.” While paying 10 cents less per lb on 10,000 lb of rags for your plant may seem like an astute buy, you might want to consult the people on your plant floor who throw away ¾ of those rags because they are polyester mostly and will not absorb. A rag is a rag right? Wrong!